At Mephisto Media & Entertainment, we are passionate about supporting and growing the local music scene. As experienced, professional musicians who’ve done it before, we know how difficult it is for you – the musician – to focus on creating a good product, writing brilliant licks and melodies whilst trying to book your own gigs. It’s a nightmare.


We believe in allowing our musicians to focus on what they do best – being musicians – whilst we handle all of the other “stuff” that’s needed to have a successful career. We handle our musicians’ public portfolios, making sure they stay relevant in the music industry and media by getting them radio, television, newspaper and magazine features and interviews. We know the industry, we have 18yrs experience in it, and we know how difficult it is for musicians to negotiate suitable rates for themselves, and the clients’ struggle to find musicians who won’t charge exorbitant rates. That’s another area where you can rely on us. We make sure that our musicians play at a rate which is suitable for our clients whilst also compensating them sufficiently for their talents.


We are communications specialists with a focus on the creative arts, its practitioners and entertainment spaces. Our aim is to manifest, modify, enhance, and protect the business objectives of our clients by conceptualising quality experiences with targeted clientele based on the exceptional presentation of media and events.


Our carefully balanced combination of knowledge, innovative approach to communications, and extensive expertise enhances our capabilities to effectively execute memorable experiential moments.


We don’t acquire clients, we develop relationships. Our dedication to operational excellence coupled with our passion for extraordinary ideas, means that our strategic communications solutions and bespoke events are not just campaigns; they’re works of heart.


We’re constantly on the lookout for bands that are ready to crossover and join the upper echelon of performing artists in South Africa. We handle regional and national gigs, highly successful national and international tours and performances which have aligned our artists with dozens of local and international legends.


If you’d like us to listen to your band, advise you on your product or would just like to let us know that you’re around, feel free to contact us and we’ll see how we can help you out.


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