Majolandile Dyalvane is the founder of Imiso Ceramics who has earned many an accolade in his twelve years in the industry, his most recent award, the Southern Guild Design Foundation Icon 2015 .

Dyalvane – a well traveled designer – prides himself in being South African, and presents that pride through his work at every opportunity. Clay gives him the ability to create something beautiful, valuable and usable with four elements of life: earth, water, and fire.

Here, Andile Dyalvane takes us through the creative process of one of his creations, in pictures:

The process begins with a gentle moulding of the clay.

andile 3andile5

Edges are smoothed, detail is added and the product starts to take shape and is allowed to fully come into itself as a beautiful piece of ceramic art.


Dyalvane is creating two brand new pieces inspired and guided by two songs on Msaki‘s Debut Album- titled ZANELIZA: How The Water Moves– ‘Golden’ and ‘Selah’. One of the works will be auctioned on the evening of the Zaneliza Launch Event, with another available to you as a perk on the #PayForwardTheMoney Indiegogo campaign.

For more info on Andile Dyalvane visit or visit the Imiso Ceramics page on Facebook.


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